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“Delivery” is the DPDHL Group’s tailor-made typeface. It gives our communications a unique and unmistakable character. This guide will introduce you to Delivery and demonstrate how it is properly applied. Links for agencies and other service providers to download the available font packages are found at the end of the guide. On DPDHL Group employee computers, Delivery will be installed via an automatic update.

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  • Our typeface: Delivery
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Using the different weights of our tailormade “Delivery” typeface, you can create the same clear visual hierarchy throughout all communications. Energetic black headlines in Black Condensed style combined with DHL Red toplines and sublines in Light Condensed, produce a distinct visual element that is key to our corporate design. They focus the eye and are visually pleasing. The key message is delivered loud and clear, grabbing the attention of today’s reader. If used sensibly and in context, highlighting specific words in the headline in DHL Red can also grab the reader's attention. Please do not highlight more than three words.


Our typeface: Delivery

Launched in Spring 2019, “Delivery” is our new corporate font. This one-of-a-kind, tailor-made typeface was designed to create consistency, set us apart, simplify design, improve legibility, save space, and more. It is intended to bring our Group closer together and make your lives easier.

Delivery is based on unique visual elements derived from the DHL and Deutsche Post logos: the horizontal lines and roundings that mark the DHL logo and the slants and tapperings seen in the Deutsche Post logo.

Optimized for digital, Delivery is offers excellent legibility across all media. While flat sections in curves are ideal for digital, compact proportions save space and thereby resources.

A technical user guide is included in the download package at the end of this design guide. It provides more information on the various available file formats, language support and OpenType features.



Delivery was developed exclusively for Deutsche Post DHL Group, DHL and Deutsche Post. It is available for anyone involved in the design of our marketing and communications materials. While it will be automatically installed on staff computers, it is also available for download and distribution to agencies and other service providers in the download section at the end of this guide.

Please note:
Employees cannot install Delivery on their company computers. IT will install it on all devices via an update. For further questions please create a ticket (support request) to IT Services.


Type scale

Type tester

See the difference. Use the tester below to view the various categories in the type scale.

Hello, I’m Delivery.
Black Condensed is the brand defining font style used for headlines.


Web black

For better legibility and softer on-screen contrast, use Web black (black with 90% opacity, rgba(0,0,0,0.9)) for all copy in digital media. Learn more in the Color Design Guide.


Main headline, topline and subline

Set main headlines in Delivery Black Condensed, uppercase. Available font colors are black (in combination with accents in DHL Red), Postyellow, and white. Line spacing is 90% to 110% and text is flush-left. Black in combination with accents in DHL Red on Postyellow background is preferred. For toplines and sublines, use Delivery Light Condensed in DHL Red, uppercase.

Use Postyellow on dark images and backgrounds for better legibility and the best contrast values (and to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Use white as an alternative if Postyellow does not provide sufficient contrast to the background.

The font size of toplines and sublines is directly related to the font size of the headline. The ratio may vary from 40% to 100%, but the recommended ratios are 50%, 65%, and 100%. The minimum distance between the main headline and the copy text is one base unit.

Dos and Don’ts

Secondary headline 

Set secondary headlines in Delivery Black Condensed, uppercase or mixed case. Permitted font colors are DHL Red, black, and white. We recommend black and uppercase.

Paragraph header

There are two versions of paragraph headers:

  • Version A
    Delivery Black Condensed, uppercase or mixed case. Font color: Black or white.
  • Version B
    Delivery Bold, mixed case. Font color: Black or white. 

Choose the version based on the importance and hierarchy of the content. Use Delivery Black Condensed in upper case (version A) for higher level text and Delivery Bold (version B) for lower level text.

Introductory text

There are two versions of introductory text. 

  • Large Intro
    Delivery Light Condensed, mixed case, line spacing approx. 150% - 170%. 
  • Small Intro
    Delivery Bold or Delivery Light, mixed case, line spacing approx. 135%. 

Use black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds.

Copy text

For copy text, use Delivery Regular in mixed case. The preferred alignment is flush-left. Two different line spacings are available: 

  1. Approx. 135% for short. 
  2. Approx. 150% - 175% for long copy. 

Use black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds. For emphasis, use Delivery Bold. Set the web address in Delivery Bold, mixed case. The preferred font color is DHL Red. Use Postyellow as an alternative and white as an exception on darker backgrounds.


Descriptor: Web address

Format the web address in DHL Red. If there are problems with legibility, e.g. with an image background, it can be applied in Postyellow or white.


Set quotations in Delivery Italic or Delivery Light, mixed case. Available font colors are DHL Red, black or white. Use white on dark images or backgrounds.


Set captions in Delivery Regular, Delivery Bold or Delivery Light, mixed case. Available font colors are black for light images or backgrounds and white for dark images or backgrounds.


We use different types of lists. The preferred list types include numbered lists as well as bullet point lists formatted as crosses, dots, checkmarks, arrows, and squares. Icons may also be used for thematic emphasis or examples.

Ensure a clear visual distance between the bullet and the content. For lists, use Delivery Regular, mixed case, just like copy text. The preferred bullet color is DHL Red, although green is also permitted.



For eye-catchers, use Delivery Bold, mixed case. Use our handwriting font, Kalam, as an alternative. However, please only use Kalam in eye-catchers to highlight and emotionalize important information. Kalam is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. and can be downloaded here: Google Fonts

Preferred eye-catcher design in Delivery Bold.

Eye-catcher with our handwriting font.

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

Delivery is not available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Instead, we use Source Han Sans, which is an open source Pan-CJK typeface available free of charge.

Download all Source Han Sans file formats here:

Using corresponding weights

Source Han Sans and Delivery do not have identical weights. Use the table below to determine the Source Han Sans weight that corresponds to each Delivery weight.

Corresponding weights CJK in Source Han Sans


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