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Global Business Services

Both DPDHL Group and DHL offer a number of corporate services, such as IT Services and Legal Services, through their Global Business Services (GBS) units. DPDHL Group Global Business Services only communicates within Germany, while DHL Global Business Services communicates internationally. The DPDHL Group GBS logo is only used in DPDHL Group layouts. DPDHL Group GBS has a number of service lines, which is why in some cases we use the logo in combination with one of these service lines.

Global Business Services
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Without background
Logo for use on a Postyellow surface within our layouts.


On brand field
Logo for use on a white surface or in foreign media. Use it on stationery, letterhead, business cards and partner media.


Logo for use where only black is available, such as fax sheets.


Buffer zone
To ensure that our logo retains its legibility and integrity, always maintain a buffer zone of at least one base unit between the logo and all other design elements. (One base unit typically equals 1/9th of the logo width.) In DPDHL Group layouts, the buffer zone is at least two base units.

Minimum size
Our logo is strong enough to be visible and legible even when it is small, but do not reduce the size below a width of 108 px or 25.7 mm.

Logo size generator

The logo size depends on the size of the base unit. To calculate the correct logo size, please refer to the DPDHL Group Logo Design Guide. We recommend a logo width of at least nine base units, which is two more base units than our recommendations for the DHL and DPDHL Group logos. Otherwise, apply the same guidelines as in the DPDHL Group Logo Design Guide, keeping in mind that you may adjust the width as needed.

Dos and Don’ts


The DPDHL Group GBS logo is usually, just like other brand logos, placed in one corner of the Gradient Module. However, the elements of the Gradient Module and the buffer zone are adapted to the different proportions. There should be an obvious visual relationship between the logo and the images and/or text, for example by aligning them along the same vertical axis.

In print and digital layouts

Service lines

DPDHL Group GBS offers a variety of services, which is why it is organized into separate business service lines. There are many options for positioning the service line in your layouts. For example, it could be used in place of a web address in all four corners of the canvas, or inserted in the text. A current list of the service lines can be found on the myNet.



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