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Employer Branding Guide

DHL is a great place to work. Our employees are rewarded in many different ways and our company offers much more than prospects imagine. Therefore, it’s important we tell everyone what it’s really like to work here. In an increasingly competitive market, our reputation as a good employer influences candidates’ choice to work for us. A strong employer brand helps us to stand out to attract the best candidate for the job. It also reduces hiring costs and lowers turnover rates.

Employer Branding Guide
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This guide will help you communicate our employer brand consistently across all channels, wherever you are in the world. You can use it as part of the other resources provided in our online brand hub.

What Employer Branding is all about

Our employer brand reflects the experiences and stories of our employees, and our reputation as an employer. It is directly connected to our DHL brand and shares the same values and vision. Through consistent messaging and visual stories, our employer brand enables potential employees to truly understand what it’s like to work here, and decide whether we’re the right fit.


Why Employer Branding is important


By telling an authentic story about our company culture, we attract those who share our mindset and are motivated to contribute to our success. This means we hire and retain more committed people. Our employer branding helps to establish purpose and makes employees feel part of something bigger.


It also allows us to connect with our existing employees to understand how they genuinely feel about working here. Employees who feel they are treated well and are proud to be part of our company are our brand ambassadors. They create good impressions through word of mouth, which helps us attract new candidates and improve our employer brand overall.


Most importantly, a strong employer brand supports our aims to make us more visible, strengthens our reputation as a great employer, and paves the way to top talent choosing us over other places.

This Is Us – DHL as an Employer Brand

At DHL, we want to be the employer of choice. To position ourselves as an appealing, global employer, and ensure we continue to attract and retain the right staff, we’ve developed a strong, genuine employer brand. Our employer brand describes us as an employer and is based on our values, our customer promise, and our corporate strategy.

HR specialists, managers and employees joined forces to deliver valuable insight into our culture, distinguish what sets us apart from other companies, and identify what makes us special as an employer. This resulted in our Employer Value Proposition (EVP) as well as the four key attributes that make up the foundations of this promise.


Our four attributes

Committed Team

DPDHL runs through diversity: A workforce with different skills, experiences, and viewpoints come together as one global team, committed to doing their best for our customers and sharing the same mindset – courageous, supportive, with a can-do spirit and openness.

Responsible Company

Driven by our purpose, people are our priority. We focus on improving people’s lives. Our employees feel that we take care of them. Therefore, they take care of our customers, too. This is how we create sustainable relationships and a fair and reliable environment for everyone.

Grow with us

We never forget that it’s our employees who make us who we are. To help us continue to run the successful business DPDHL is today, we invest a significant amount of time, effort, and attention in our emerging talent.

Think ahead

The future belongs to those who take what they have learnt from today to build a better tomorrow. We strive to have an impact on the world of logistics – so we encourage our employees to create and drive their own ideas.


Messages broken down by target group

As a global company serving over 220 countries and territories, we work with many talented people from a wide range of professions. Our employer brand must meet the particular needs and expectations of all of them: from graduates just starting their career to professionals, from front-line to office workers.

In adapting our communications, we cater for these different needs and expectations. By adapting visuals and wording we focus on the attributes that matter to each target group and interpret them so that the candidates feel addressed.

Thus, we ensure that our messages about what it means to work at DHL resonate with everyone.

Target Group 1:
Front Line Workers

Couriers, postal workers, warehouse support staff – and all our other front-line workers use their know-how to succeed on the ground.

Target Group 2:
Office Workers

Operation managers, IT experts, customer service agents – and all our other office workers use their expertise to grow our brand internationally.

Creative Concept

Our creative concept emphasizes the origin of what DHL stands for and is proud of. It’s the commitment, the ideas and talent of every single employee. From couriers to logistics experts to IT specialists.

It's the team that makes us.

This is how our creative concept strengthens the backbone of our employer brand identity. It allows us to define ourselves and use clear language and distinct design in our campaigns and our communications with all our target audiences. And it helps us stand out and stay in people’s minds for all the right reasons.


Our Campaign Elements


Our target groups each have different motivations and needs. So we communicate with our office workers and front-line employees in a way that’s relevant to them and supports their respective aspirations. Our tone of voice is always positive and gets to the point quickly.

Our headline formula: "You Do."

Our “YOU DO” headline formula is applied to all of our employer branding communications. By asking questions like “Who delivers joy to every door?” or “Who ensures that win-win is for everyone?”, we address our target audience directly. In highlighting how important our employees are to us, these questions appeal to candidates‘ professional ambitions. And by answering these questions with “YOU DO”, we emphasize that it’s our employees who are the key to our success while encouraging the target audience to apply.

Our images: The hero concept

The images used in our communications follow a “hero concept” and strengthen the message implicit in our “YOU DO” headlines. The respective hero in each picture is a single person looking straight at the camera, while the background is blurred in order to put all focus on the depicted hero. These images make it easy for the viewer to engage directly with the person they see as well as the sender of the corresponding message.

Layout elements

Our layouts are well structured, never crowded and have a clear visual order. Our distinct design element is the “Gradient Module”, which is used in most of our layouts. Find out more about our layout standards, and how to structure your design for print and digital, in the related guide. (link below)


“Delivery” is our very own typeface. It gives all our communications a unique, memorable character. Use different weights of the typeface to create a clear visual hierarchy in our communications with existing and potential employees. Find out more about “Delivery” and how to use typography in the related guide. (link below)

Color Palette

Our distinct colors give us a unique look that’s instantly recognizable. They form an important part of our visual identity. “Postyellow”, “Black” and “DHL Red” are the main colors used in all our corporate branding. Where appropriate, we also include a special selection of bright secondary colors. Find out more about our colors and how to use them in the related guide. (link below)


Our Communication Channels

The way we communicate with potential employees is not limited to our job ads and career page.
We want to connect with applicants on the broadest level, so we share our employer brand in a variety of ways.

Employer Branding Assets

You can download the shown assets here. Please make sure that you are logged in to download assets.

Recruiting Assets

You can download the shown assets here.  Please make sure that you are logged in to download assets.

If you are an employee and want to create a poster please go to the Layout Creator. Select “Job Advert Poster” and start creating your own poster.

Get Started

Ready to start attracting top talent? Great! We’ve devised four easy steps to help you plan, develop and implement your next employer branding campaign successfully.

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