Select fields let users choose one or multiple items from a list of options. This guide explains their usage.

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Single-option select

The single-option select field opens up a list of options where users can select one option.

Multi-option select

The multi-option select field opens up a list for users to select one or multiple items from a list of options. If there is a need to simply filter down content, for example lists or articles, the toggle select component can be used (consisting of a text button and a list of options) which is more minimalistic and saves some space.

Searchable select

The searchable select field helps users find their choice by displaying a list of potential options. As they type, the list filters down to the keyword(s) they are entering.

Searchable select with chips

Similar to the searchable select field, the searchable select field with chips allows users to search for multiple terms and add them as a chip that can also be deleted again.


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