Business Communication

When communicating for business, we want our look & feel to be fresh and appealing – and we want to have lots of ways to keep our audiences interested and focussed on our content. This guide gives you the information and inspiration you need to design two of our most important business communications tools: PowerPoint presentations and email signatures. At the end you’ll find templates and other useful, easy-to-use resources.

Business Communication
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PowerPoint Presentations

Our PowerPoint templates help you to create a wide variety of layouts quickly and easily and ensure the spotlight shines on your content. The most important settings, such as font, font size, line spacing and colors, are pre-set for you. The templates also include useful layout elements like info boxes and eye-catchers as well as master layouts for a variety of purposes. Each layout leaves you lots of leeway for content and customization.

Download the template you need along with our intuitive Quick Start Guide and the various library files. Take advantage of the many sample format and layout options as well as the available imagery, graphics and videos to design engaging, state-of-the art presentations. And use the easily adaptable sample layouts in the Quick Start Guide to discover how simple and versatile our templates can be.

Our PowerPoint templates provide easily adaptable layouts and design elements.

The Quick Start Guide takes you step by step through the templates, showing you the wide variety of design options.


By shifting universally to a 16:9 format, we’re ensuring that our presentations are compatible with one another as well as the today’s widescreens and projectors. Whether you will be presenting on a TV screen or making your presentation available as a read-only file, we recommend testing the final presentation under realistic conditions before putting it to use.


Use the various slide layouts and elements provided in the template to create impressive presentations. Combine layouts to give your presentation a personal touch. But be sure that you are mindful of our visual appearance and especially our layout system. Use only DHL design elements in line with our layout principle and corporate design.

Image, video and graphic libraries

Use images, videos, illustrations and illustrative graphics such as tables and diagrams to highlight important content and texts. These elements make your presentations more interesting and memorable. In the Layout and Image Library, you will find expressive photos for your title or divider charts as well as a large selection of modules to help easily structure your content and present it more clearly. The Video and Animation Library includes video snippets and animated design elements to help impress your audiences. 

Please refer to the appropriate design guide when using or creating images, illustrations, videos, and icons. Registered users can simply download images, illustrations and video snippets from our Media Library. You’ll find a selection of icons available for download in the Icons guide.

Overview of available templates and resources

The following files are available for download:

  • PowerPoint templates with PDF manual

  • Quick Start Guide with step-by-step introduction

  • Layout and Image Library

  • Video and Animation Library

Using design templates in QuickSlide

With the clever PowerPoint add-in ‘QuickSlide’ you can easily insert a variety of diagrams and layout templates into your presentation. These templates are available directly via QuickSlide in PowerPoint itself.

The add-in offers a range of modules to support the user in the editing process of their presentation:

  • Providing the latest templates
  • Intelligent conversion of existing files into the latest design
  • Supporting your work on PowerPoint decks with an extensive range of complementary tools
  • The latest complement is the Media Connector – Your direct access in PowerPoint to the Media Library
  • Final guided checks of consistency, design and wording

DPDHL Group employees can order Quick-Slide in RequestIT. If it is not available in your catalog please contact your local IT department (licensing and the annual charge is 60€ per person/year).

QuickSlide helps you design high-quality presentations faster.



If you have any questions about using our PowerPoint templates, please contact: 

Creative Services Bonn
Williams Lea Tag GmbH 
Phone: +49 228 24983 444

We are also happy to answer any questions you have about designing PowerPoint slides. And with your permission, we’ll add especially impressive designs to the sample layouts in our resource materials and best practice examples.

Email signature

Our email signature is used to provide personal contact information, legal terms and other boilerplate information that is relevant to the recipient. It is inserted at the end of each email message. The information below will help you create your personal email signature and integrate it into your email client. The example shown below is based on the legal requirements in Germany. Because the requirements for email signatures vary from country to country, please consult with your legal department in your country for guidance.

Standard version

Short version

As an alternative to the standard signature, you can also use the shortened version. In this version, some line breaks and blank lines are deleted, the font and font size remain the same.

Email signature for internal communications

The descriptor and legal information (e.g. company headquarters, CEO, Board of Management) as well as GoGreen info are optional in internal emails. For internal communications, your signature must include your name, department, position and a phone number.

Styles and elements

Our email signature (and message) font is Calibri. Highlights, such as the name of the company, are formatted in Calibri Bold. If you are sending an email as a DPDHL Group employee for the first time, please download the signature file and integrate it into your email client. The following images show and describe the various elements of a signature.

Promotional content

To promote internal or external programs, events or initiatives, you may add promotional content in the form of banners, logos, or text to your email signature.

Social Media

To make recipients aware of DHL social media, you add links to DHL social media channels in your email signature.


If you need additional support or help to use the standard email signature, please contact the Group Brand Services Team. The help desk is available five days a week (Monday–Friday) from 8:00 to 18:00 CET.

Group Brand Services Team
Phone: +49 228 182-10444


Stationery DHL

Stationery Post & Parcel Germany

Media Library

Many on-brand images are available for use in the Brand Hub Media Library. Go here to search the Media Library.


If you download any document, you accept our Terms and Conditions.

DHL Email Signature
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MS Office ColorTheme
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DHL PPT Template
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Calendar 2022

DHL 3-Monats-Wandkalender DE
DHL 3-Month-Back EN
DHL 4-Monats-Wandkalender DE
DHL 4-Month-Back EN
DHL Jahreswandplaner DE
DHL Executive-Calendar EN
DHL 52-Wochen-Schreibtischterminkalender DE
DHL Schreibunterlage DE
PP 3-Monats-Wandkalender DE
PP Jahreswandplaner DE
PP 52-Wochen-Schreibtischterminkalender DE

Calendar 2021

3 Month Back
173.55 MB
4 Month Back
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12 Month Tent Calendar
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12 Month Wall Calendar
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52 Weeks Desk Diary DE
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Executive Calendar
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Pocket Calendar
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Schreibunterlage DE
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Jahreswandplaner DE
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