Corporate Wear

DHL employees are much more than simply people who provide our services. They are our face to the customer and the public. Their specially tailored and DHL-branded corporate wear is highly recognizable and increases brand awareness among customers and the general public. In this guide, you will see a number of examples and learn more about distribution.

Corporate Wear
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Our corporate wear has been exclusively designed for our employees. It features our brand colors, Postyellow and DHL Red, in combination with black as well as the apt use of our logo. Our corporate wear not only plays a key role in building a strong sense of community among our employees, it allows them to demonstrate their connection to our company and foster our strong image both internally and externally.

DHL corporate wear has been designed for comfort and safety in all types of weather and conditions across all regions of the world. The collection includes versatile items, such as a range of jackets, pants, hats and scarves.

You also have the option to design your own promotional wear. To coordinate the review and approval of your design proposals, please contact Corporate Brand Marketing or the Group Brand Services Team.


Face Masks

In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many governments are recommending or even requiring face masks in public places. If you would like to offer branded masks to your teams, please use the production-ready files available for download here. Please note that our branded face masks cannot be ordered centrally and must be produced locally.


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DHL face masks (EN)
2.77 MB
Post & Parcel Germany face masks (DE)
2.73 MB


The procedure for ordering corporate wear may vary depending on your business unit, region or department. Normally couriers receive their orders at their home or workplace.

In Europe, you can send questions about your orders directly to the Otherwise, please contact the responsible department, such as your regional purchasing department.

Dos and Don’ts

It is very important to maintain a proper appearance at all times. Avoid combining our corporate wear with other brands. Wearing caps, hats, scarves and other accessories from other brands is not permitted.