Exterior Signage

Band Signs

DHL band signs are designed for long sign bands on building facades. Its dimensions are derived from those of the DHL single sign. In this guide, you will learn more about how to flexibly adapt band signs as well as the available sizes and lengths


Unlike DHL single signs, band signs are not designed to light up. However, they do follow the same size scale defined for single signs, which serves as a reference for the band height H. 

A band sign’s length can be customized to fit the on-site requirements, which may include the length of the sign band on the facade where it is mounted. The length of the band determines the number and placement of the DHL logos.


Short band signs

Short band signs are very short bands with widths of D = 9 H. Suitable applications include gable areas or short sign bands. The dimensions are as follows:

  • W = 4.53126 H

  • A = 0.64078 H

  • B = 0.17961 H

  • C = 2.23437 H

If there is no other reasonable way to place the logo, C determines the distance between the logo and the end of the band.



Band signs with one logo

Place only one DHL Logo on short bands (9 H < D < 27 H), preferably on the right.


Band signs with several logos

Bands must have a minimum length (27 H < D < 46 H) in order to accommodate two logos. Make sure there are always least three logo widths between two logos. If the width exceeds D > 46 H, you may place a third logo on the band. The same spacing applies as described above.