Co- and Additional Branding


Many elements and topics are communicated under our strong DHL Brand, such as our Business Units, products and solutions, sectors, initiatives, and partnerships. This introduction provides an overview of these elements and how best to communicate them clearly and consistently and thereby bolster our DHL Brand as a whole.

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It’s absolutely vital that our DHL Brand remains strong and clear. However, there are many elements and topics under our Brand, which also need to be communicated both consistently and effectively. There are many ways to do this, such in the text, using images, illustrations and key visuals, or even with an own logo in special cases.

But too many logos can reduce brand awareness in our markets and cause confusion among our customers. For example, we do not use separate logos as additional brand elements to depict our Business Units, but certain predefined icons should be used with specific products and solutions to help build brand awareness and recognition. You will find a brief overview of how we integrate these different topics below.


Business Units

DHL is made up of six specialized Business Units. Learn how best to integrate them as text into your layouts in the Business Units Design Guide.

Products and Solutions

Our portfolio is divided into specific product and solution families. Learn how they can be communicated with a specific logotype, as text or with an icon in the Products and Solutions Design Guide.

DHL Sectors

Our ten DHL Sectors bundle tailored solutions for a specific target industry. Instead of logos, we use text, key visuals and images in our communications. Optional predefined icons are available for each sector.

Additional Logos

Anniversaries, awards, events, certificates, or group initiatives can be communicated with a logo. Use our simple logo design kit to design versatile yet standardized logos for temporary, internal use. Find the kit in the Additional Logos Design Guide.

Group Initiatives

As part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, DHL plays a key role in all of our Group’s initiatives, such as: “Connecting People, Improving Lives”, GoGreen, First Choice and our Certified program. Review the Design Guides associated with each initiative and learn how to integrate the logos into your media.

Global Business Services

DHL Global Business Services has its own logo, which replaces the DHL logo in layouts. Because GBS offers a variety of services, it is organized into separate business service lines. We use text to indicate the service line.


If a partner logo is used in DHL media, we add a short descriptor above the logo to indicate the partnership. Similarly, we add pre-defined descriptors when our logo is used in a partner's layout.

Post & Parcel Germany

Find guidelines for Deutsche Post and DHL co-branding solutions in our Post & Parcel Germany Design Guide.


At DHL, we don’t just sponsor top-class brands and events in all areas from sports to fine arts to fashion. We partner with them. Check out the Sponsorships Design Guide to learn how to leverage our partnerships in your designs, including media that is ready for immediate download and use.